Thursday, August 26, 2010

Garfied Eat Your Heart Out

Bone Island will throw the dogs a bone. Dogs are almost allowed back into the restaurants and bars. I don’t own a dog but it seems only right that those establishments that have been allowing it for years are not allowed to continue. We have almost finished the dog days of summer with no dogs. The City Commission approved it on August 20, but now has to wait 45 days for the DCA (The State) to give its stamp of approval.
These dogs deserve it. They have always done their part in Key West. They wear sunglasses while singing on Duval St. Little dachshunds march in the Duval St. New Years parade (it’s a short parade because of the length of their legs). Dogs ride on mopeds. They are strong supporters of Dog Park and Dog Beach. If they did not who would? You’ll never see a cat chasing a Frisbee or running in the surf. Through out the years dogs have made some extremely strong performances in the Fantasy Fest Pet Parade. Many are required to look like their master, which they do with much admired patience dignity.
I personally look forward to when they are officially welcomed back. One word of warning; the ordinance prohibits dogs from sitting on bar stools.

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